Character of Akita Inu

They have a very reserved and shy character, adopting a calm attitude even in times of stress. The serenity of the dog is palpable. It is a dog breed very balanced, docile and resolute. The loyalty he offers to his master is the strongest and most known characteristic of akita inu.

Although he is very distrustful of strangers, he is a dog that will not attack for no reason, only in the face of provocation and signs of aggression. It is an excellent watchdog.

In dealing with other dogs is complicated, the akita inu is dominant and although he does not look for confrontations he will create enemies for life if he is challenged. From puppy it is very important to socialize it with all kinds of dog breeds and other animals so that we do not have problems in the adult stage, where it can be more violent. It is a dog that requires a master expert in the handling of dogs, who knows how to impose its authority and most importantly, who knows how to use positive reinforcement .

Young children, especially from home, are very dear to the akita inu, who will not hesitate to protect them from any danger. He is patient with them especially if he knows them. You will find in some sites with more aspects of the behavior of akita inu with the children. It is important to know that akita inu is a very special breed, which will need an experienced owner and the most essential thing: to provide the proper education.

It is a dog of extreme strength and very strong character that will try to challenge weak people to be the leader of the hierarchy, it is for this reason that we recommend that people who have children and doubt their abilities as owners after reading this tab, opt for another race perhaps more docile than this. If, on the contrary, you think you are too well trained to control the impulses of Akita inu, do not hesitate for a moment: your loyalty and intelligence will leave you amazed.