Common Disease Of Dogs

All dogs can fall sick at some time, no matter how well cared for they are, in the same way, that we get sick or our children get sick. Illness is part of life, and dogs are no exception to the rule.

Our duty is to take care of them and to be able to detect when something is not going well, that is why it is convenient that we know which are the most common diseases in dogs.

We must also bear in mind that there are certain genetic, hereditary or mental diseases that affect dogs quite frequently, according to their race or size. Due to the restrictions of breed breeding, some breeds of dogs tend to suffer from one or another disease, so if you adopt or buy a dog breed, it is best to report what are your weak points, and the most common dog diseases in your case.

The most common, regardless of the dog’s breed, are the following:


As in the case of the one that affects humans, arthrosis causes wear and tear of the joints and, therefore, pain and difficulty moving.


We all know that many dogs go blind when they get old, and in many cases, it is due to this disease. An excess of fluid accumulates in the eyes and they lose vision.


It is a chronic disease, but there are treatments to reduce the frequency of episodes.


When they get older, it is not unusual for dogs to suffer from senile dementia, just as it happens to people. The only possible treatment is to be patience and give it a lot of pampering.

There are other diseases of dogs that are quite common, and that can be more or less serious. Among the mild, are otitis, diarrhea or colds, which should still be treated. Otitis can have disastrous consequences if it is not treated in time, besides being very painful!

Among the most serious, we find diabetes, which shows the same symptoms as in humans, much thirst, thinning, increased the desire to pee and appetite. It can also cause cataracts to appear. Dogs can also suffer allergies, and, unfortunately, cancer and tumors, although they usually appear when they are already elderly.

Another common disease in dogs that can be very dangerous is gastric torsion, which can occur when the dog eats and drinks a lot and very fast and does a lot of physical exercises right after.

As you can see, there are many canine diseases that can attack our favorite furry. It is normal that from time to time they get sick, and in some cases, as in hereditary and mental illnesses, there is nothing we can do about it, not even to prevent them.

But, in general, there are certain precautions that we can take so that the diseases of the dogs affect us as little as possible.

A healthy dog is a strong dog. Good nutrition is essential so that your pet’s defenses are as high as possible, as well as spending time outdoors and exercising. The healthier your dog is, the less risk it will be to fall ill.

Vaccines are essential

One of the first things you should do when adopting a dog is to go to the veterinarian to have an in-depth review and see what your state of health is. The specialist will explain what is the vaccination schedule to follow, and you must respect it to prevent many of the diseases described here.

Know your dog well

You are the best person to detect diseases of dogs. You are the one who knows him best, so if you detect apathy or changes in his behavior, be alert to the appearance of symptoms and take him to the vet.

Now that you know what the most frequent dog diseases are, you are ready to recognize the symptoms.

Remember how important early detection is!